The Gallagher Way

Doing things one way. The right way. The Gallagher Way.

A code of constants for an ever-changing business.

As proud as we are of our growth, we’re more proud that we’ve been able to maintain Gallagher’s unique culture as we move into new markets and new lines. It’s a culture of ethics and service. One of collaboration in a common interest – the best interest of every client, everywhere. And it’s summed up in the 25 tenets of The Gallagher Way.

Our then chairman, Robert E. Gallagher, wrote them down in his own hand over a generation ago. Today, you’ll find them in each Gallagher office around the world. What’s more, you’ll find them informing the actions we undertake every day.

The Gallagher Way

Shared values at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. are the rock foundation of the Company and our Culture. What is a Shared Value? These are concepts that the vast majority of the movers and shakers in the Company passionately adhere to. What are some of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co’s Shared Values?

  1. We are a Sales and Marketing Company dedicated to providing excellence in Risk Management Services to our clients.
  2. We support one another. We believe in one another. We acknowledge and respect the ability of one another.
  3. We push for professional excellence.
  4. We can all improve and learn from one another.
  5. There are no second-class citizens – everyone is important and everyone's job is important.
  6. We're an open society.
  7. Empathy for the other person is not a weakness.
  8. Suspicion breeds more suspicion. To trust and be trusted is vital.
  9. Leaders need followers. How leaders treat followers has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the leader.
  10. Interpersonal business relationships should be built.
  11. We all need one another. We are all cogs in a wheel.
  12. No department or person is an island.
  13. Professional courtesy is expected.
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