Delivering Excellence


Specialising in the areas of systems architecture and design, experimentation, synthetic environments and human factors, our Weapon System Architecture and Equipment engineers ensure that the products we deliver meet our customers’ requirements. 


The many different areas that make up our Programmes coordinate seamlessly in order to fulfil our aim. From Export Contract Management to the Project Business Team, every department plays a vital role in our success. 


Comprising of Manufacturing and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Operations ensures that we deliver on our promised timeframes, costs and qualities and maintain our global status to our customers.

Business Support

Consisting of Accounting, Audit, Commercial Business & Partnering, Environmental Health & Safety, Financial Control, Fiscal Tax, Group Quality, Human Resources and several others. These are the essential functions that are not directly connected to the production of missiles and systems.


Employee Profiles

Becky - Software Engineering Graduate

"Having a large community of graduates at site means that you always feel supported and..."

Lee - Undergraduate Scheme

"The company has a real understanding of a trainee engineer's needs and knows how to..."
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