Joanna Tomlin

Manufacturing Engineer Graduate in Defence Aerospace

"I thoroughly enjoy working in teams with the responsibility to investigate the integrity of our parts to improve our processes and quality of our products."

My name is Joanna Tomlin and I have relocated to Bristol from South London, to work as a Manufacturing Engineer Graduate in Defence Aerospace. I am currently working within Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and Failure Investigation. As a discipline, there is often little academic emphasis on NDE and yet these techniques of inspection provide the final quality assurance to determine whether parts are fit for flight. I thoroughly enjoy working in teams with the responsibility to investigate the integrity of our parts to improve our processes and quality of our products.

I am excited about representing Rolls-Royce at the Big Bang fair, to give young visitors an insight into how science, technology, engineering and maths comes to life in aerospace. Creating ‘light-bulb’ moments for children is the magic that inspires the next generation. Helping to connect the dots between classroom topics, for example about forces or the refraction of light, to real-world applications of designing engines or inspecting parts under a microscope, will be truly empowering. Whether somebody has an interest in our products design or manufacture details or is just simply fascinated with our products, they could still have the talents to really add value to our business in support services or operation.

Each individual has had their own journey of developing an interest in something; we all have our own ways of learning, mastering a technique and working at our best. So even our methods of developing are diverse and that’s why diversity and inclusion is so important. We need to be able to facilitate a truly inclusive flexible working environment to best help our people to develop innovative processes and products. I believe we can all relate to that and so diversity and inclusion is important to everybody. It ensures everybody is given the opportunity to be themselves so that they are in environments that inspire their best work.

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