Roxana Amini

Graduate Geotechnical Engineer

"I loved science and maths at school - now as a civil engineer I'm using these subjects to improve important assets and infrastructure."

What is the best thing about the Amey Graduate Programme?

Because Amey is such a diverse business, the variety of high profile projects I can get involved in is huge. Being able to work on a project from start to finish is unique. Being involved in the desk study through to design and construction is a great experience. Every day I am faced with challenges which push me to learn new skills and that is helping me to grow in confidence.

What attracted you to apply for the Amey Graduate Programme?

I was studying maths and physics in high school, but did not want to be a scientist. Instead I liked the idea of using science to solve problems. By joining Amey as a Geotechnical Engineer on the Graduate Programme, I am able to do just that. I’d also heard from friends that Amey is a great place to work with supportive leadership and great mentoring.

How is the Amey Graduate Programme helping you to grow and develop your career?

I am working towards my Chartership with ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) and my mentors are really experienced and knowledgeable. I feel really supported to grow and develop and see myself having a long career at Amey.

How is Amey supporting you to achieve your career ambitions?

As a women working in engineering, I’ve always felt really supported by Amey. They really encourage you to test and trial new ideas to develop creative solutions to improve the way we work. This gives me great experience to develop my knowledge and grow my career.

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