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In this job, you’ll be directly responsible for the development of our most valuable asset - our people. Specifically, you’ll be in charge of the education, training and personal development of the Naval Service’s ratings and officers. You will make sure they have the skills, knowledge and qualifications that they need to do their demanding, highly technical jobs.

You will also be involved in developing individual and team training programmes, analysing activities and associated training needs, courses and the maintenance of instructional standards. Working as a Training Management Officer in the Fleet, you’ll be very much hands-on, providing education and training opportunities for personnel serving at sea.

You will also be able to advise Command on the best way to make the most of training and related opportunities. Equally, you could pursue a training role in the Submarine Service or, after gaining your Green Beret, become a Training Manager with the Royal Marines.

On shore you will have a wide range of career-development opportunities such as leading and managing training projects, roles in human resources and support to operations. It is vital work that makes sure that naval personnel have the skills to tackle the many and complicated tasks they are called on to carry out.

What we’re looking for

You’ll need an agile and inquiring mind and be able to grasp new concepts quickly to keep pace with our rapidly-developing technology. You’ll be responsible for delivering training courses and lectures, so you’ll need excellent technical and communication skills and be able to engage confidently with people at all levels.

As with any management role in the Royal Navy, you’ll need to show leadership, organising potential and an ability to contribute as part of a team.

Initial training

You’ll begin your career at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) in Dartmouth. Initial Naval Training (Officer) is a 30 week course that provides comprehensive induction into Naval life as an Officer.

The military skills phase includes learning leadership and teamwork skills and the principles of command and management. You will put these into practice during several exercises on Dartmoor.

During the maritime skills phase you’ll be taught to handle small ships on the River Dart and there will be exercises to test you. You’ll gain first-hand experience of life in a warship, working in every department on board and learning how the ship operates.

This all culminates in your passing out parade where your family and friends will have the opportunity to witness your joining the Royal Navy as an Officer.

Professional training

After completing a 13-week training management foundation course at the Defence Centre of Training Support at RAF Halton, you will start your first appointment. This might include teaching basic mechanics to new recruits, or preparing ratings to use modern equipment in difficult conditions.

After your first posting, if you choose to work with the Royal Marines, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the All Arms Commando Course and to win the coveted green beret. As your career progresses, you’ll be encouraged to study for an MSc in Training Management and Consultancy.

Skills for life

During your professional training and throughout your career, you’ll gain qualifications accredited by academic institutions and leading professional and industry organisations. All are recognised internationally and will be highly valued by civilian employers. This will greatly improve your prospects of a second career if you decide to leave the Royal Navy.


The opportunities for promotion are excellent. You will begin your career as a Midshipman and be promoted to Sub-Lieutenant after 12 month’s service, and to Lieutenant 30 months after that. Further promotion to Lieutenant Commander and up to Admiral is on individual merit and you’ll be offered feedback, encouragement and training to help you to achieve your goals.

What the Navy Does.

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Pay and conditions

You will begin on an annual salary of £27,272, increasing to £32,780 on completion of your 30 weeks initial training. From then on, pay increases with rank and experience.

As well as your basic salary you will receive free health and dental care, additional pay for specialist skills and when away at sea, and other allowances such as travel expenses and home-ownership schemes. You will be on an excellent, non-contributory pension scheme and get six-weeks paid leave a year.

You will join us on a 12 year initial commission and may have the opportunity to serve beyond this. As a Training Management Officer you will have to serve a minimum return of service of three years from completion of your training. Should you wish to leave after that point you need to give 12 months notice.

Not just a job, a way of life

There is a lot more to joining the Royal Navy than doing a job. For a start, all our ships and shore bases have superb sports and fitness facilities. We can offer a fantastic range of sports and other activities. You’ll also have the chance to go on adventurous training, which could be anything from a offshore sailing expedition to mountaineering and caving to parachuting.

From the moment you join, you’ll be part of a team that lives, works and relaxes together, forming friendships and experiences that can last a lifetime. It’s a unique way of life, and the opportunities we offer will allow you to reach your career potential and enjoy the time you spend with us to the full.

Do I Qualify?

Age: 17 to 39.

Nationality: British, Irish, Commonwealth or British dual citizenship

Qualifications: A UK Bachelors degree, 72 UCAS points and five GCSEs (grade 4 or above) or Scottish Standard grades or equivalent, which must include English and Maths.

Sex: This job is open to both men and women.

Starting salary: Starting salary: £25,984 + Benefits, increasing to £31,232 on completion of basic training.


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Opportunity Overview

  • Ongoing
  • £27,272 + Benefits, increasing to £32,780 on completion of basic training
  • All grades
  • UK + International

Disciplines accepted...

  • All STEM disciplines

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