We protect our nation's interest.

The Royal Navy is Britain’s Maritime Armed Force, protecting our nation’s interests around the globe. We operate in some of the world’s most high impact situations, and technology is at the heart of everything we do.

In order to respond to any natural disasters or events that threaten our economy or national interests, the Royal Navy has some of the world’s most advanced defence and combat systems - a range of versatile ships, submarines and aircraft; operated by highly professional Sailors, Aviators and Royal Marine Commandos.

Royal Navy Officer

The only limit is your ambition.

What the Royal Navy does

Preventing Conflict - The Royal Navy prevents conflict by being globally deployed in order to deter threats, reassure regional powers and stabilise potential hotspots.

Providing Security at Sea - The Royal Navy is at sea every day, working with international partners to provide global maritime security where it is needed.

We provide global maritime security.

Promoting Partnerships - The Royal Navy promotes stable and co-operative relationships with friendly and neutral nations around the world through working together, training together, and determining common understanding.

Providing Humanitarian Assistance - The Royal Navy provides humanitarian aid and relief from the sea without the need to draw on a country’s infrastructure or resources.

Protecting our Economy - The Royal Navy contributes to the stability and economic prosperity of the UK by being deployed around the globe in order to protect trade routes and guard the flow of energy resources into our ports.

Ready to Fight - The Royal Navy is ready to fight and win in combat at sea, on land or in the air.


The variety of the engineering opportunities available to you in the Royal Navy is unrivalled.

The Royal Navy is ready to fight.

Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of technology, from advanced-cycle gas turbines to tomahawk cruise missiles, nuclear-powered submarines and the next generation jet-fighters, the Weapon, Marine and Air Engineering Branches open onto a wide range of possible roles.

There’s also the option to work as a Training Management Officer and ensure that Royal Navy personnel have the skills and qualifications that enable them to operate under all conditions.

Whichever career you choose, you will be leading a team of highly skilled technicians, utilising your engineering knowledge to keep the Royal Navy ready to fight and win.

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What the Navy Does.

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The first permanent administration for the Navy via Letters Patent was in 1546.
Royal Navy ships operate with many countries across the Middle East.
Devonport is the largest Royal Naval base in Western Europe.
The type 45 destroyer has enough electrical cabling to stretch the length of the M25 three times.
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The reactor in the Royal Navy's latest Astute class submarines is fuelled for the life of the vessel.
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