Graduate Engineer, Maritime Services

"BAE Systems is an amazing company to work for and the support provided to help one develop in their career is second to none."

Dale joined BAE Systems as a Graduate Engineer in its Maritime Services business in September 2016 after receiving a Master’s degree in Mathematics from The University of Nottingham.

For a long time, Dale has had a keen interest in the military. This interest was fostered during his time in the Air Training Corps from the age of 13 through to 18.

His first experience of BAE Systems came when he was accepted on to a summer internship within the Military Air & Information (MAI) sector of the business while studying for his Master’s.

During his 12-week internship, Dale worked as a Systems Engineer with the UK Lightning Integration (UKLI) team, providing engineering support to the MOD around the integration of ground-based logistics systems and processes used to support F-35 Lightning II operations and maintenance.

Following his internship, Dale successfully applied for a position on the Engineering Graduate Development Framework (GDF) as he knew BAE Systems would allow him to develop a career through which both his passions, mathematics and the military, would be catered for. Dale decided to apply for a position within Maritime Services as he thought that the P&Ts (Product and Training Services) sector of this business unit would provide plenty of opportunities for him to apply his mathematics skills.

BAE Systems’ GDF provides graduates with the opportunity to carry out four placements, each of which lasts six months. Dale was based in Cirencester for his first placement in 2016 as a Software Engineer, working on systems operated by Royal Navy maintainers/engineers to better control and streamline the maintenance of their ships.

For his second (and current) placement, Dale moved to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, where he primarily acts as a Digital Signal Processing Engineer for the Artisan 3D Radar system. Installed on 11 Type 23 frigates as well as the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, Artisan 3D is capable of detecting objects as small as a tennis ball and travelling at three times the speed of sound more than 25km away.

In addition to his day-to-day role as a Graduate Engineer, Dale has thrown himself into the training and development opportunities offered by BAE Systems as part of the scheme.

Dale said, “BAE Systems is an amazing company to work for and the support provided to help one develop in their career is second to none. I have an engineering mentor who provides me with support to pursue my Engineering Chartership (CEng) through the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The company has also sponsored me to achieve my MIET (Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology) status, which is a key step towards becoming a Chartered Engineer.”

Dale attributes a lot of the progress he has made to the incredible support of his mentors and managers, who have been on hand to help whenever needed and encouraged him to take part in additional courses and extracurricular activities which have aided his personal development.

One of these included acquiring the role of Campus Manager for the University of Southampton, for which he is responsible for organising careers and STEM events to attract the next generation of BAE Systems graduates.

Looking ahead to the future, Dale is hoping to build upon his existing training and the incredible experiences he has and will be exposed to as part of his GDF, to work towards becoming a Project Engineering Manager within Maritime Services.