Manufacturing Engineering

"I applied because the scheme offered me the opportunity to work on world class products at the cutting edge of technology."

I graduated from the University of Leeds with a BEng in Medical Engineering in 2016. I applied for the September 2017 intake of Manufacturing Graduates within the Air sector of the business.

I applied because the scheme offered me the opportunity to work on world class products at the cutting edge of technology. The format of the graduate scheme allowed me to gain a wide range of experiences within the business before taking up a permanent role. Although the role has a different focus than my degree, I knew I could still apply the knowledge gained at University.

I knew I had made the right decision the first time I saw an aircraft take off from the runway. Knowing that I’d had a little bit to do with the making of that aircraft was hugely rewarding. Seeing a project I worked on being brought to life was hugely rewarding. I knew that my hard work had paid off and was being used by the business.

There is no typical day. Every day is different and that’s what makes my job so exciting. One day I’m out on the shop floor working with operators and the next I’m in meetings with senior managers and talking to external suppliers. Each day brings new challenges, opportunities and experiences.

My network is constantly growing and I meet new people through the wide range of events and experiences at work. I communicate with many different people within the company including operators, senior managers, mentors and manufacturing teams, along with external suppliers.

Working for a company which uses cutting edge technology to produce world class products is a great feeling and I know that my future career will be full of opportunities and challenges.

I would advise new joiners to take full advantage of the possibilities offered to you. Working for a global company which operates across multiple business sectors provides you with endless opportunities, so take them!

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