Systems Engineer, Electronic Systems

"BAE Systems want to develop new starters and my first graduate development course helped me understand that this, both professionally and personally."

I studied for a Master’s degree in Physics at Birmingham University and BAE Systems came along to speak to the students on one of the employer open days. I gained interest in BAE Systems after speaking with some of the employees and applied for the GDF in my penultimate year.

BAE Systems want to develop new starters and my first graduate development course helped me understand that this, both professionally and personally.

A typical day in my role is very varied and depends on the part of the project I am working on. I could be down in the lab organising all of the integration of the products or talking to the customer and identifying their requirements for specific deliveries.

The constant context changing is the most interesting challenge in my role. I think that being able to think at a level where you see a large amount of the project at once is really valuable.

At BAE Systems, I interact with anyone from Directors to the graduate community. The whole graduate community will also come together for various large events and social activities, which I think is great. On top of this, my manager and fellow team mates also go out from time to time.

The idea that I will get to tackle the tasks that I have asked for gets me up in the morning and the responsibilities that I have been given keep me engaged.

BAE Systems is a very open community, everyone is friendly and happy to help. I am proud because it is a pleasure to work here and I enjoy it because of the type of products we work on.

To do a role like mine requires someone who is open minded, enthusiastic and likes to learn. Being able to context switch on demand is also very useful and problem solving is a key skill. If you have these core qualities I believe it will work out well for you.

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