Business Markets


We supply cutting-edge technology equipment.

From fixed and rotary-wing platforms to people-pleasing entertainment systems, we supply some of the world's major airlines and governments with cutting-edge technology, equipment and service solutions. And we lead the way in terms of sophisticated onboard systems and full-flight training simulators.

  • 80% of the world's pilots have been trained on a Thales synthetic training device
  • Our high-capacity SATCOM systems allow airline passengers to use their mobile and go online while they're flying between destinations
  • Two out of every three aircraft in the world take off and land using Thales equipment
  • All commercial Airbus planes use Thales's avionics suite.


We're a global leader in innovative satcoms.

The European Space Agency, the European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency, Copernicus: The European Earth Observation Programme - with clients like these, it's no surprise that Thales is Europe's number one provider of civil and military satellites.

We design, integrate, test and operate high-performance satellite technologies across the world. This involves supplying weather satellites and infrared atmospheric instruments. We develop radars and design probes for space missions too; and if that's not enough to whet your appetite, we're also a worldwide leader when it comes to the telecommunications payloads which receive, amplify and redirect the signals that keep the world connected.

  • We're major partners in Exomars – Europe's first mission to land on Mars
  • We're a global leader in innovative military and civil satcoms including: Syracuse, Sicral, Athena Fidus and SGDC
  • Thales Alenia Space is supplying 50% of the pressurised volume of the International Space Station and leading Iridium Next, the world's largest constellation of 81 satellites.


We get commuters from A to B safely.

Getting commuters from A to B safely and on time is the service our customers take pride in delivering every day. In the UK alone, our clients range from Transport for London and Network Rail to Manchester Passenger Transport Executive and an array of train operating companies. Our solutions include signalling, train control, axle counters, interlocking, train protection and warning systems - not to mention services such as supervision and control, integrated communications and security and information management.

  • We maintain 95% of Network Rail's telecommunications infrastructure
  • Globally, 4,000 metro, bus and tram stations are equipped with our fare collecting systems
  • We employ more rail signalling and telecoms engineers than anyone else in the UK
  • We’re behind the National Rail Enquiries Online Journey Planner and the Rail Planner Live app for Android and iPhone.


We're the European No.1 in defence electronics.

Whether it's on land, at sea or in the air, we bring a wealth of experience to all dimensions of our customers' defence needs in critical environments. From electronic warfare and sensor systems like the state-of-the-art SMART-L 3D multi-beam radar, to precision-guided missile systems such as STARstreak, few companies can match our ability to offer proven solutions to protect soldiers, sailors and air personnel in the defence of national interests.

  • Thales is the European number one in defence electronics
  • We've supplied defence technology to the Royal Navy for more than 100 years
  • Our sonar and optronics masts are the eyes and ears of the latest class of Royal Navy submarines
  • Thales's cryptography solutions are deployed in 22 NATO countries
  • We’ve delivered more than 110 helicopter simulators to customers in 25 countries.


We're No.1 in security for banking.

Our expertise is unsurpassed in the design and supply of critical systems for promoting the safety and security of people, places and sensitive information. Secure mobile communication systems like TEOPAD; encryption technology; command and control systems and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear solutions, are just a small part of our services offering.

  • We're world number one in security for banking transactions
  • We have 50 highly skilled cyber security specialists working for civil and military customers around the UK
  • Thales has supplied identity management systems in more than 25 countries, with 300 million identity documents produced to date.