Christian James

Engineering Leadership Programme Graduate

"Every day is different at NI as we face challenges in various industries that use equipment supported by our many platforms."

While completing my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University, I had a keen interest to find an opportunity which allowed me to continue to learn new knowledge and develop my existing strengths. National Instruments works in many different industry sectors which means that I can work in a fast paced and dynamic work setting where I can learn new skills and apply them across the sectors.

Every day is different at NI as we face challenges in various industries that use equipment supported by our many platforms. There is a high level of customer interaction which means that as employees we must be willing to adapt to meet the demand of our customers. The training provided helps to build confidence when discussing concepts and assisting customers on complex issues.

The working environment encourages me to learn and challenge myself to accomplish goals and have a positive impact. The responsibility that everyone is given acts as a platform to contribute to new ideas and use initiative. As an employee, I have had great exposure to the different departments and interact with them on a frequent basis. This has allowed me to build knowledge that helps to understand the bigger picture and observe how all the departments fit together.

I believe that working at National Instruments has some great benefits. The managers are dedicated and focussed on getting the best out of everyone by focussing on strengths and assist when addressing areas for improvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching as it further reinforces the knowledge that I have learnt and has helped to become more proficient at presenting and explaining difficult concepts/ideas. I particularly enjoy teaching as it is a great way to pass on the information that I have gained while it can also act as an opportunity to travel abroad within the NER Region.

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