Who are we?

For 40 years, National Instruments (NI) has worked with engineers and scientists to measure and control the world around us. Through these pursuits, NI customers have brought hundreds of thousands of products to market, overcome innumerable technological roadblocks, and engineered a better life for us all. If you can turn it on, connect it, drive it, or launch it, chances are NI technology helped make it happen.

Our platform based approach; unified software and modular hardware, greatly reduce the complexity of today’s smart, connected systems and help engineers do more, innovate faster and easily integrate new technologies as they become available. Our customer base of over 35,000 global companies is testament to the fact that NI helps scientists and engineers solve their greatest challenges. 

Technical career with a difference?

Our success is down to our remarkable employees. We recruit ‘the best and brightest’ graduates and interns from technical, engineering and scientific degrees and put their skills to the test in a unique environment. Here at NI, we combine our technical expertise with industry awareness to act as a consultant to our customers facing complex and real world commercial challenges.

Understanding all elements of our customer’s needs allows us to provide the most suitable tools for them to solve these grand challenges. Our unique approach involves innovative and creative thinking; going beyond the technology, and considering its impact on a business.  Test, measurement and control systems can come at high price, but we help our customers understand how this investment can drive efficiencies across their business as they look to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

40 Years of NI Success

For 40 years, NI has helped engineers and scientists discover new and innovative things that have made a significant impact on the world around us.

What is the Engineering Leadership Programme?

Our 24-month programme offers rotations within Applications Engineering and Inside Sales; two fundamental parts of our business which will really help accelerate your career and give you the basis of understanding about how the NI business works.

Our programme is underpinned by extensive training, support and on-going learning, allowing you to keep developing as your career with NI grows. This will not only help you build on your current technical skills, but it will also enable you to build on your communication and influencing skills and build a career that, like NI, is built to last. 

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Graduate intake: 17+
Founded: 1976.
National Instruments has been ranked a great place to work for the past 12 years.
Global Operations: Offices in more than 40 countries.
Employee Count: Approximately 7,100 globally.
Customer Base: 35,000+ companies served annually.
Diversity: No industry comprises more than 15% of revenue.
Over 2,700 students have Followed us on Gradcracker.
A Gradcracker advertiser for over 5 years - ideal for you to !
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