Mark Whiteley

Inside Sales Engineering Manager

"Each day you have different problems to solve, this gives a great opportunity to learn and come back the next day better."

Studied at: University of Exeter

Why did you choose to work in your industry?

Getting the chance to work in an industry that truly changes the world that we live in. It’s exciting to know and understand the complexity behind seemingly simple tasks like driving a car, or using a mobile phone – knowing that you have the ability to influence the world around you is inspiring.

What is your top tip for working in this industry?

Never stop learning & always strive to stay ahead of the industry trends. Technology is constantly developing and now is the time to introduce disruptive ideas into the global market.

What differentiates your industry from others? 

You get to build on technical and business skills to either grow with the companies you work for, or to create your own business. A lot of the most successful companies in recent years have all come from someone who has a vision, and the technical skills to prototype their idea to prove it out.

Which personality traits or skills aid success in your industry? 

Drive, initiative and empathy. You need to make sure that you can be truly self-motivated and bring new ideas into your work that are focused on what your customers want. Not every idea will work, so you need to be able to learn from it and keep iterating with new ideas.

Describe the workload and responsibility given to students in your industry?

 Students are trusted with responsibility to interact with customers from their first working day. Initial training is created to get up to speed on fundamentals, after which there is continuous development throughout their time at work through training and project work.

What do you enjoy most about your industry? 

Each day you have different problems to solve, this gives a great opportunity to learn and come back the next day better. Eventually you’ll find that you become a point of contact for others – you then get the satisfaction of passing on the knowledge and seeing how other people process and use it.

What advice would you give to others considering a career in your industry? 

To get into the industry can seem difficult, when you take some time to see how you can apply what you learn you’ll really start to understand how it all becomes relevant. Use this to understand how your engineering knowledge is used by others in everyday tasks right now and the passion will bloom.

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