Samantha Mcilroy

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Engineer

"I have worked on various different products on different sites improving the efficiency of the processes that manufacture them."

What attracted you to 3M in the first place?

I hadn’t heard of 3M until I started my dissertation at University. 3M manufacture some particularly innovative adhesive products that I based my project on. My contact at 3M was really helpful and recommended working for the company.

What’s your role at 3M?

After finishing the O2 scheme I became a Manufacturing Technology Engineer. I have worked on various different products on different sites improving the efficiency of the processes that manufacture them.

What’s life been like at 3M?

Life at 3M has been varied and challenging. I’ve moved to work on a different manufacturing line at least every year so there are always new processes to learn and operators to meet. I still keep in touch with those who were on my graduate scheme, I’ve organised the office Christmas party and I’ve even starred in the 3M Atherstone site video!

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m lucky to have worked on a variety of products but am looking forward to settling in one area. When you work on the same manufacturing line for a few years you have the opportunity to make long term improvements that bring benefits both for the operators who work on the line and for the business.

Why would you recommend 3M to fellow students?

3M is large company full of opportunities for those who are willing to take them; I know people who are now in completely different roles to what they started in. Given everybody’s varied career backgrounds you’ll find there’s a good culture to help out anybody who asks, even if their query is from another country, division or function.

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