Quantity Surveying Graduate

"Highways England definitely have my long term interests at heart."

My Role

I am a Quantity Surveying Graduate. I’m motivated by the idea of helping people. So I just love the fact that by working for Highways England, I’m able to help somebody get to their destination five minutes quicker.

My Story

I’ve spoken to friends on other graduate programmes and I feel the Highways England one is different. A lot of my friends are working in consultancy, and I’m working in the public sector, where the working hours are different and you get a good work-life balance.

The main thing I think is really good is the training, and the ability to do different placements within the organisation. By having access to go out on site visits, I’m also getting a practical knowledge of the role as well as a theoretical one.

My Projects

The Graduate Programme exceeds my expectations, mainly due to the amount of support and training I get on a daily and monthly basis. Everyone is more than willing to help.

The teams I’ve worked with have always had the motto, “if you don’t know something, just ask”. Because no question is stupid. Ultimately, everyone’s got to learn somewhere.

My Highways England

I feel that Highways England definitely have my long term interests at heart. I constantly have meetings with my manager and senior managers, who ask me to identify what sort of training I need in order to gain Chartered status.

We are very supportive.