Shakir Daud

Graduate Scheme

"Vodafone is amazing, challenging and exciting. If I could, I'd go on for ages talking about how great Vodafone is."

I'm Shakir, I joined the grad scheme in 2012 and I'm currently a contract negotiator. One of the main attractions of working for Vodafone was its globalisation - that was important to me as I want my career to go global in different countries. Vodafone offered me that. In addition I wanted a flexible culture and, again, Vodafone offered that.

So the graduate scheme structure is that for the first two months you work in a retail store. That gives you the great opportunity to learn about our products, what Vodafone sells and what Vodafone's about. To work with our consumers and see what they really want from Vodafone and then bring that insight back to Newbury, the HQ.

Then you work for five months in one placement and in that placement you get to use all different insights and then for the next five months you do another placement.

I've done so many different projects it's hard to pick one favourite project. If I had to pick one it would be when I was working in corporate security, I identified a change of process that was flawed or delayed. I worked with different stakeholders, I put the business case forward and I was able to change that project. So I worked with the IT team and built an interface page and for someone who has no IT knowledge to build a new interface page - it was amazing. Then I had the opportunity to communicate that business wide.

So currently I'm approaching the end of my graduate scheme and I am applying for permanent roles.

We get so much support - a lot of work that goes into finding the perfect role for you. Rather than saying 'there's a role for you, apply for it' HR work with you, identify where potential roles may be coming up and you really take your career wherever you want it to go.

Vodafone is amazing, challenging and exciting. If I could, I'd go on for ages talking about how great Vodafone is.

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