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"Bloomberg’s diversity has been refreshing. Here it is all about cooperation and helping each other."

What has been your path to Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is actually my third career. At 17, I was playing football in the Norwegian third division, and at 21, I was a youth hostel manager. Now, I work as a Power Analyst for BloombergNEF (BNEF). My career has taken a rather circuitous path, one which certainly helps inform my work today.

I am originally from a rural town in northern Norway, and when I left my youth hostel position, my wife and I decided to embark on an adventure to Scotland, where I earned my BA in Management and Economics and later my Masters in Oil and Gas Law.

I initially worked for an oil consultancy, but wanted to ensure that I was on the right side of history. Searching for a job in clean energy led me to my job here with BNEF.

What do you think sets Bloomberg, and BNEF, apart?

BNEF is a fantastic place to work and I feel extremely fortunate. The oil industry is typically quite alpha male, and Bloomberg’s diversity has been refreshing. Here it is all about cooperation and helping each other. I love working alongside colleagues from across the world; their enthusiasm and different opinions challenge me to both look at my work and life in a different light.

While Bloomberg is also diverse in terms of nationality, I am glad to see we are beginning to value academic diversity. We have many engineers and scientists, but are working to add more analysts from the Arts and Social Sciences, who I feel would add a new dimension to our work.

What do you find inspiring/challenging/rewarding about working in BNEF?

BNEF provides primary research on the unfolding energy transition towards a low-carbon future. The cost of renewables are falling and we get the chance to inform the world on this shift.

Additionally, BNEF’s remit is quite broad and the culture here encourages involvement beyond your core responsibilities. One example of this is improving public speaking skills, and providing the resources to do that. Addressing something new like this can be challenging but ultimately very rewarding when you succeed.

How has the culture at Bloomberg enabled you to succeed?

Bloomberg encourages collaboration and is culturally quite egalitarian. This means colleagues are willing to help you get your job done. You feel part of the company’s overall success, and you are constantly growing.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Men’s mental health. Four out of five suicides in most Western countries are male and a large number of men struggle silently with mental health issues. There have been times in my career when I was depressed and looking for direction, and Bloomberg has provided me with both the space and support to look after my mental health.

Bloomberg has mental health first-aid specialists who are trained to recognise and talk about mental health issues, but more needs to be done to help men identify these problems early.

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