James Wells

Upstream Technology Analyst

"The sheer size and scale of ExxonMobil allows the corporation to offer unrivalled opportunities and potential..."

Job Title: Upstream Technology Analyst

Degree: Masters in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Aberdeen

In pursing a graduate career I had a clear set of requirements when choosing potential employers:

  • To work for a blue-chip organisation that offers a ‘real’ job from the outset
  • A diverse and challenging career path
  • Opportunities to work and travel abroad
  • The potential to work within a variety of disciplines and have a variety of experiences

While my requirement list was short, it proved hard to find potential employers that could fulfil all the criteria. The sheer size and scale of ExxonMobil allows the corporation to offer unrivalled opportunities and potential; different assignments keep you challenged, motivated and enthusiastic. ExxonMobil IT is an exciting organisation to be part of as it is such an integral part of the corporation with a large global workforce.

My career with ExxonMobil started a year ago in Upstream I.T. working in a team which provides onsite support to the Exploration and Production (Upstream) functions. My role is to assist the users get maximum value from IT and ensure smooth delivery of IT services, for example supporting and advising on collaboration methods and technologies, or working with project teams to roll-out new systems. From the very first day my role has given me immense exposure to a variety of business activities through supporting exploration teams in the design and implementation of new SharePoint team sites.

Another aspect of my role involves being the onsite power-user for the High-End Remote Collaboration and Visualisation equipment at Leatherhead. This technology enables business teams around the world to collaborate in analysing 4D geoscience data or problem solving, as well as improving the effectiveness of virtual meetings. This task involves supporting and consulting on various meeting configurations and frequently troubleshooting systems.

My supervisor continues to show a genuine interest in my career and has helped me to develop a training plan to meet my future aspirations. To date, this has involved attending courses in Budapest, Brussels and central London and also provides excellent networking opportunities with other ExxonMobil staff.

You may be under the impression that in many companies new graduates are kept away from the business and given insignificant roles, but I can assure you that this is not the case with ExxonMobil. Instead, new graduates play an integral part of the vast IT team from the very first day. It is important to understand that ExxonMobil recruits graduates with the vision of employing them for their whole career. This provides the foundation for a fantastic employer-employee relationship, given that you can get back what you are willing to put in. The last year has undoubtedly surpassed my expectations of what I envisaged a graduate career to involve and I am very excited about my future with the company.

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