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Cobham is a leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the most challenging problems, from deep space to the depths of the ocean. Read more »

Typically recruits

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical/Process
  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths
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Every US astronaut since John Glenn has breathed through a Cobham regulator.
Cobham supplied vital equipment for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Mission.
Cobham carries more than 1.5 million passengers a year on behalf of Qantas, Australia.
Cobham supplies audio management systems and antennas to Bombardier and Sukhoi, as well as every Airbus aircraft and helicopter.

Adelaide Young, Graduate

"I would recommend Cobham as a place to work, because they actually care about their employees and work-life balance."

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Parth Sheth, Ex-Graduate

"I chose Cobham because of how much of a diverse company it is and the opportunity it presented to work in one of its various different sectors."

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Operational readiness training – the Cobham capability

Paul Armstrong, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Cobham Aviation Services, outlines the company's air operational training capabilities and its electronic warfare systems expertise.

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MoD Guide

Cobham plc is the UK’s third largest aerospace and defence company and enjoys both an incredibly close working relationship with the Ministry of Defence and a shared, rich history.

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