Adelaide Young, Graduate

"I would recommend Cobham as a place to work, because they actually care about their employees and work-life balance."

Please outline your role at Cobham

I am on the Cobham Graduate Development Program, and for my current placement, I am working as a Systems Engineer in the Air-to-Air Refuelling Probes IPT (Integrated Project Team). This means I am providing all sorts of engineering support for the project – from writing analysis reports to dealing with un-expected issues during production to supporting verification testing. There is always something new and exciting happening!

Why did you choose Cobham?

I chose Cobham because they are a global company doing an incredibly wide range of activities that all solve interesting problems in extreme environments.

What have been you achievements/highlights of your career at Cobham so far?

In previous placements, I have helped develop an entirely new process to handle contractual changes during a major development project, as well as writing an entire Hazardous Materials Report from scratch.

What are the biggest challenges?

In my current role, the biggest challenges are when I change placement every 6-months – adjusting to entirely new faces, processes and systems. There is always so much going on!

What is next for you?

Next for me is deciding what I want to be doing longer term, as a permanent role. There are so many different possibilities to choose from!

Why would you recommend Cobham as a place to work?

I would recommend Cobham as a place to work, because they actually care about their employees and work-life balance, as well as providing great opportunities to learn and develop.

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