Graduate Trainee

"I learnt my project management skills by managing projects. There’s no better way to learn than first hand."

Steven went to Brunel University to study Economics and Business Finance, before joining our Private Client Tax team. 

“When I was looking for a graduate job I wanted something that would challenge me and give me a chance to work towards good qualifications. KPMG appealed to me because of the many roles available and that I could join straight from KPMG’s Tax Business School®.

Tax is a stimulating place to work because things change all the time. We have to get our head around new legislation and regulations quickly in order to advise clients at short notice. That makes for a dynamic workplace. 

I learnt my project management skills by managing projects. There’s no better way to learn than first hand.

The culture works because there’s a lot of trust between people. It has to be that way in a fast-paced environment. KPMG puts a lot of faith in their graduates, and that suits me. 

A lot of my training has been on the job. I’m working towards a joint Chartered Accountancy and Tax qualification. In the future, I’m hoping to continue my pace of development — growing my skills, my responsibilities and my ability to build client relationships. 

Technology is making a big difference to the business here. Tax returns, compliance issues, lots of these things are done so much faster than when they were done by hand. Thankfully, this is a forward thinking business. I’m proud to be a part of it, and enjoy helping clients anticipate and overcome their issues. 

In order to flourish here, all you need is the confidence to communicate. If you can do that, you can do everything else because of the support and training on offer.”

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