Laura Tilley

Graduate Trainee, Audit in Birmingham

"If you feel there are any skills you are lacking, KPMG will bend over backward to help you develop them."

Laura studied for a BSc in Maths and Physics at Newcastle University before taking a job as a teacher. However, after moving to Birmingham she took a career change and joined the Audit team in Birmingham, working with Public Sector clients.

“I chose KPMG because it seemed people-orientated. Both their external and internal messaging was about valuing the people who work there. That was a big draw for me.

I was interested in public sector audit because of the qualification you earn, as well as my interest in teaching. Public sector audit is extremely varied and involves going into hospitals, schools, local government, and so on. You learn and experience a lot.

In my role, I use a KPMG developed technology that really helps me with my client work, specifically data analytics. Technology is at the heart of what we do at KPMG, and we use specifically developed programs and technology to help us work with our clients more effectively.

KPMG’s network has an international reputation, and I feel like I share in that. It’s a really well-respected place to work and my department is well thought of in the audit world.

One of the nicest things about working here is that you know your future is very much in your control. Not only are there obvious routes for upward progression, but there are sideways opportunities too. I can take secondments abroad, or swap departments. Or I could use the qualifications I earn out in industry. I know KPMG will support me in whatever I choose.

“If you feel there are any skills you are lacking, KPMG will bend over backward to help you develop them.”

That open-minded attitude is pervasive. Not just for your career direction, but down to the fundamentals of working. We have lots of forums and discussion groups where we come together to assess if we can do things better. They involve all levels of seniority within the business and anybody can stand up and present their thoughts as equals.

Personally, I love how there’s a coming together of different people, skills and qualities at KPMG. I think whatever your personal talents and qualities are, they’re good enough so long as you put the effort in.”


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