Farhan Habib

TVM NVH Engineer

"From day one at Ford, graduates are responsible and work on real projects."

I have recently joined Ford as a graduate engineer and as a part of my first placement I work as a TVM Noise Vibration Harshness Engineer. My role is to arrange tests and evaluate the changes proposed on the vehicle’s exhaust and engine mount by other departments in regards to NVH perspective.

My typical day consists of: arranging vehicles and parts for testing by liaising with the NVH lab and Design and Release engineers, evaluating and comparing the test results, liaising with Vehicle NVH to get feedback on proposed ideas, tracking the savings due approved ideas, subjective drive of the vehicle, pursuing outstanding issues and planning for upcoming tests.

Having worked for the NVH department I have learnt that after every initial design, there is always an alternative design which can help to save money, improve quality and help the environment.

The most exciting aspect of my role is carrying out the subjective testing of the vehicles which is done on a special surface test track at Dunton. Also, there are opportunities to liaise with engineering teams worldwide, for example feedback on the evaluated test data is received from the Vehicle NVH in Merkenich, Germany.

From day one at Ford, graduates are responsible and work on real projects which provide opportunities to develop essential skills and contribute to the success of the company. At the same time graduates are supported and guided throughout by their graduate buddy, mentor, supervisor and colleagues to develop and succeed with ease.

Ford is a leading automotive company with a great history and legacy. There is a comprehensive training programme and support network which offers great opportunities to develop and progress your career. Ford’s core belief is that their employees are their most valuable asset which means they treat them with dignity and respect and offer a great work-life balance.

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