Nicole Barrett

Hardware Controls Architect

"There is plenty of on the job training with more experienced engineers who are always happy to pass on their knowledge."

I recently joined Ford as a graduate Powertrain Engineer and am working in Hardware Controls for my first placement. My role focuses around the design of Engine Control Modules and sensor and actuator sets for small gasoline engines that are used globally. In order to perform my analysis and design work I have to collate requirements from various teams worldwide.

Being a global company makes Ford an exciting place to work. The roles and projects I undertake are important for my team and they gave me responsibility from day one. These roles are dynamic and dependant on the present needs of the team, and they constantly challenge me to become a better engineer. For example, I am currently working on a design change to resolve an in-vehicle assembly issue. To complete this change I have to coordinate the agreements of 16 vehicle assembly plants worldwide and a supplier, ensuring all stakeholders understand the technical implications of what is proposed to be implemented.

There is plenty of on the job training with more experienced engineers who are always happy to pass on their knowledge. Alongside this there are numerous training courses available online and from trainers. Each graduate also has a buddy who is already in the graduate scheme and a mentor who is a senior figure within Ford. As a result of all this I feel that Ford is an excellent place to forge my career in automotive engineering.

The graduate development scheme is a good, structured and well-rounded scheme. It works on a rotation basis and allows me to gain a wider exposure to the different strands of engineering within Ford. There is a wide range of positions available for my two future rotations and my selections for my roles are based on trying to expand my knowledge and experience of product development as much as possible.

I chose to work for Ford Motor Company as it allows me to work on products that interest me whilst being surrounded by a supportive network of individuals keen to see my career progress.

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