Charlie Woollcombe-Adams

Chartered Civil Engineer

"My favourite moments have been when supervising construction works, particularly those where I have had design input."

Why did I choose Mott MacDonald?

When looking for a company to start my career with, I wanted to join somewhere with a variety of disciplines, projects and jobs. Mott MacDonald stood out as being the most attractive of the companies I found, so I was extremely grateful when I was offered sponsorship, work placements and support throughout university via the ICE QUEST scholarship.

The highs

My favourite moments have been when supervising construction works, particularly those where I have had design input. A particular highlight was when I was supervising the construction of a wind farm during the first turbine blade set lift. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, and the two cranes lifting the rotor formed a wonderful silhouette against the setting sun and rural background. With the exception of the slingers guiding the crane drivers over the radios, there was silence as we all stared in anticipation. A faint clunk was heard as the rotor hub connected with the nacelle. Then suddenly a tremendous cheer broke out from the local families at the public viewing area, which grew and grew as the rest of us joined in across the site!

Work and life – it’s all about the balance

Mott MacDonald is unquestionably supportive when it comes to work-life balance. This is through the ethos it creates among its employees to be understanding of everybody’s different circumstances and career ambitions, and its recognition that you will do your most for the company when you are at your happiest. The support is always there. I’ve been supported throughout my career. While at university, on site, away from home, and now as I begin along the bumpy path of fatherhood!

My advice for graduates joining Mott MacDonald

Take every opportunity that you can and try everything at least once. Look to gain something from every experience whether good or bad. Actively seek the opportunities you are keen to pursue. And never forget that you have a strong network of colleagues ready to help and support you with anything and everything.

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