Graduate Research Engineer

"I was also impressed by the opportunity to spend time in up to four different research themes over two years following this training."

Name: James

University: University of Durham

Graduation Year: 2015

Qualification: Physics MPhys (Hons)

Date of joining MTC Graduate Programme: September 2015

What first sparked your interest in the MTC and why did you apply?

I was looking for somewhere to work where I could apply the scientific research skills from my degree and the MTC sounded like a very interesting prospect. I was very impressed by the strength and variety of the research themes, the facilities and by the MTC’s variety of academic and industrial partners.

What were your first impressions of the MTC Graduate Programme?

The programme began with five weeks of broad based training, which I felt showed a great deal of commitment to graduate development at the MTC. I was very impressed with the level of training and support offered to graduates from the very start. I was also impressed by the opportunity to spend time in up to four different research themes over two years following this training.

Describe a typical day for you on the MTC Graduate Programme?

Even within a single research theme, there is a huge variety in what can be done in a typical day. Some days will involving carrying out experimental work or preparing reports whilst others will involve meeting with industrial partners to discuss current and future projects. As part of the Graduate Programme, graduates are also encouraged to attend outreach events occasionally.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

One of the first things I learnt about working at the MTC is that you never stop learning! The work carried out here is right at the cutting edge of technology which is rapidly evolving, encountering a new technology which you are unfamiliar with is not uncommon. The company itself is also constantly growing and changing. Whilst this has been the biggest challenge, I also find that it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of working here.

How has the Graduate Programme been beneficial to your career?

The ability to work on projects with different industrial partners is a unique aspect of the MTC which, after only four months here, has already significantly broadened my experience in many areas. Graduates’ professional development is supported through the Institution of Mechanical Engineer’s MPDS (Monitored Professional Development Scheme), with the ultimate aim of professional registration as a Chartered Engineer; each graduate is assigned an individual mentor and I have found the support provided by my mentor to be excellent.

Would you recommend the programme to others, and what advice would you offer to those looking to apply to the MTC Graduate Programme?

If you are looking to work in a research environment at the very forefront of engineering technology then this is without doubt, the place for you. I would thoroughly recommend it!

The best advice I can give is to do some research into the research themes at the MTC; even if you have a particular theme of expertise, it’s a good idea to research the others as you’ll spend time working in different themes. This will help to prepare you for some of the work carried out here.

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