"After finishing training, I spent three years out on site with FDM clients"

David Goodwin

Technical Trainer

When I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, I was looking for a job that I would love. I wanted to use the skill set I developed while studying Mathematics, but also wanted to do something which included problem solving and critical thinking. Four years ago, I joined the FDM Graduate Programme to become a software tester. At the time I barely knew the difference between a Mac and a PC, but through FDM’s training and my onsite experience, I have found exactly what I was looking for.

I have always been interested in the way things worked. I love figuring out how things are constructed so I decided to join FDM’s software testing stream as I felt it would use the skills I already possessed. Plus, the training would help me pick up some new, more technical minded skills along the way. I knew I would gain unique insights into how lots of different technologies and systems worked, without having to know them inside and out. On top of that I was always good at questioning the things that most people seem to take for granted, which fits in well with the continuous improvement that testing aspires to.

All in all it seemed a pretty perfect fit.

After finishing training, I spent three years out on site with FDM clients – 18 months apiece with both Barclays and British Airways. I have worked on approximately 25 different mobile and web applications and had to learn a lot along the way, from understanding user experiences and how people interact with applications to databases and web application infrastructure. I now know way more about how these things than I ever imagined I would!

The tester role also spends a lot of time needing to communicate with various people: developers, business analysts, project managers, senior stakeholders – the list goes on! I learned how to manage expectations and efficiently organise not only my own work, but other people’s as well, in order to deliver a project on time. It leads to a great sense of achievement when you see a project that you worked on go live without any issues.

After having been out on site for three years I was coming to the end of my current contract and was presented with an interesting opportunity. I decided to take on a change of role and a new challenge and become a Trainer back in house at FDM’s Leeds Centre. It has been incredibly rewarding being able to share my experiences and knowledge with people who were in my shoes a short time ago, and then see them go out on to client site and start a successful career. I can’t wait for what is to come next!