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Emerson is focused on helping our customers with the most complex and important challenges facing the world in the process, industrial, commercial and residential markets. Our Automation Solutions business is helping customers make the greatest use of the world’s valuable resources, helping nations move their economies forward in responsible ways, enabling the performance and safety of industries, and advancing the industries that are the backbones of daily life.

We help make the most of the world's valuable resources.

Automation Solutions

Emerson Automation Solutions has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and solutions that help industrial customers to maximise reliability, reduce energy costs, automate processes, reduce waste and improve worker safety. Following are some examples:

Better monitoring for oil and gas pipeline leaks
  • Each and every day, millions of miles of pipeline around the world transport hydrocarbons - such as crude oil or natural gas - from the source to refineries, and then ultimately to consumers. Emerson technology is helping companies prevent issues they couldn’t previously see in advance, and addressing problems that do arise faster than ever before.

Emerson’s cutting-edge technology can determine corrosion and the rate of thinning of a piping wall, giving engineers real-time insights on preventive maintenance actions to take. If pipeline integrity is at risk, Emerson control systems are able to quickly reduce the flow rate to lower pipeline pressure, helping to decrease the chances of an incident. This combination of real-time information and decision support software and services enhances operational efficiency and safety across the oil and gas pipeline.

Improving industrial safety
  • Facility fire and gas leak detection. Our portfolio of safety and security solutions is helping industrial plants reduce risk, avoid incidents and operate more reliably. From integrated safety systems to fire and gas leak detection, we help customers prepare for the unpredictable and keep workers safe. Emerson sensor networks deliver predictive data insights that allow manufacturers to build strategic reliability plans to help ensure that plants are running at full capacity with minimal risk.
  • Digital twin platform for power plants. A new Emerson technology offering introduced in 2017 now provides a virtual platform – known as a “digital twin” – that allows an industrial facility to test any proposed engineering adjustments to operations risk-free and in real time, before they are applied to the actual plant. Using the industry’s first integrated control and simulation platform, Emerson is able to create an exact digital replica of the live plant. This high-fidelity simulator runs in parallel with the real control system, making advanced testing possible to ensure any changes won’t impact the supply of electricity and ensure environmental impacts are mitigated.

The need for real-time virtual testing is greater than ever. Global electricity demand will see a 69 percent increase by 2040, according to a 2016 U.S. Energy Information Administration report. This increase in demand, which puts further pressure on reliable generation, will accompany a growing shift to renewable energy sources, which are processed differently than traditional sources. With our digital twin technology, electricity-generation customers can maximise efficiency and safety for current operations while testing future upgrades.

Making microgrids more reliable
  • Microgrid control systems. Reliable, affordable power is taken for granted in most of the developed world, but 1.2 billion people around the globe live in areas that don’t have a centralised power source. Small-scale grids, or microgrids, are quickly emerging as a solution to bringing electricity to underdeveloped areas of the world. Microgrids typically use renewable resources like solar and wind to generate much of their electricity in a clean and affordable manner, but battery power and standby generators are used to pick up the slack for wind turbines on a calm day or solar panels when it’s cloudy. Emerson’s control system technology enables seamless and automated co-ordination of disparate power sources to satisfy power demand and maintain stable operations.
Bringing life-changing drugs to market more efficiently
  • Pharma manufacturing automation. Emerson’s automation technologies are helping to bring new life-changing pharmaceuticals to market faster and safer than ever before. Thanks to advanced manufacturing and our scalable systems, researchers in the lab are developing drugs with the same equipment and automation technology that will be used to commercially manufacture the drugs, providing crucial insights into how to make the medications efficiently. By implementing our automation and controls technology in the lab and on the manufacturing floor, we help enable highly precise and flexible manufacturing capacity at a lower capital cost, which also leads to easier submissions for approval by regulatory agencies.
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