Newly Accredited Cummins Power Seminar Delivers More to Engineers

Added: Over a year ago by Cummins

For over 20 years, Cummins Power Systems has delivered a powerful message with the ever-evolving Power Seminar. The seminar has educated hundreds of customers and Cummins employees alike while showcasing the talents and knowledge of the power systems experts within the on-site power generation industry.

The Cummins Power Seminar offers an opportunity to train those in key roles, such as specifying and consulting engineers, providing an unbiased, educational workshop of interactive dialogue, factory tours and demonstrations.

In 2017, the Cummins Power Seminar completed its year-long effort for accreditation with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Since the accreditation, 239 attendees have successfully completed the Power Seminar. The first Power Seminar season with the new IACET accreditation recently concluded.

Not only does the Cummins Power Seminar hold even more credibility through the improved framework and standard processes, but can attract more attendees pursuing their professional development and receiving continuing education credits. The IACET accreditation has made it easier to reach our customers from states that maintain more challenging continuing education requirements. Certified instructors, comprised of Cummins’ Sales Application Engineering (SAE) team members, led the topics of discussion, providing highly enriching presentations, and showcasing that Cummins has the industry’s technical experts.

The Power Seminars take place in Shoreview, Minnesota (USA) and run between March and October for a duration of two days. Over those two days, attendees further develop their technical knowledge regarding generator sets, power systems and other criteria for a successful installation. Through interactive group learning combined with seeing best (and not the best) practices observed in the field, the attendees identify resources and tools for designing power systems, as well as discuss industry-wide impact of new technologies and recent code changes. Utilising mobile technology in the classroom, the learners use tablets to actively engage during the instructor-led courses. This includes answering knowledge check questions and post-presentation and seminar surveys. Seminar participants see live, in-house demonstrations of the Power System Simulator and transfer switch.

They also take part in a tour of the Cummins factory, as well as the Acoustical Testing Centre located in Fridley, Minnesota.

"What attendees see, do and hear during the Power Seminar sets Cummins apart from the rest of the field," said Power Seminar Coordinator Patti Hagen. "The education and connections made between customers, SAE team members and other Cummins counterparts are what makes the Cummins Power Seminar unique and successful."