Relax, Breathe and Remember its ok to not know

Added: Over a year ago by CGG

Although an assessment centre or interview can be a nerve wracking prospect, one of the key skills to refine and remember is to breathe and stay calm!

Every interviewer’s preference will be that you take a moment, breathe and think about the most constructive answer to what is being asked.

Take your time to answer, and don’t worry if you want to ask for the question to be repeated; all it means is we are going to learn as much as possible about you, your transferable skills and capabilities.

Also remember, it's ok to not know!

If you don’t know the answer to a question—say!

You can’t and won’t know everything so be honest—employers will expect the same scenario to arise again once you’re in the workplace, and how you deal with it at interview will be a great indicator to how you handle the situation with honesty in the workplace.