A Unique Real-time Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System

Added: 25th November 2020 by CGG

CGG has announced the launch by Sercel of S-lynks, a new solution for real-time monitoring of the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure around the world.

With its embedded ultra-sensitive QuietSeis® sensor, S-lynks can measure a structure’s ambient noise without the requirement to restrict access. This fully connected, wireless system is self-sustaining and can be deployed on all types of structures. The recorded data is then streamed to the cloud for processing and is immediately accessible for remote analysis.

Concurrently Sercel and strategic partner Apave have launched AP’Structure, an innovative SHM solution that uses S-lynks that is the only one of its kind in Europe. With AP’Structure, operators can monitor the integrity of entire buildings and infrastructure in real time, receive warnings about irregularities and ultimately prolong the life cycle of infrastructure.

AP’Structure brings together Sercel’s expertise as the world leader in seismic equipment and the expert analysis and interpretation of the recorded monitoring data by Apave’s engineers and technicians using proprietary algorithms.