CGG announces Completion of Largest OBN Multi-Client Survey in UK Central North Sea

Added: 26th January 2021 by CGG

In 2020 CGG and Magseis Fairfield completed the largest Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) survey ever acquired in the North Sea. The multi-client survey in the UK Central North Sea began in March that year and in total ~1,650 km² was acquired. 

The survey was specifically designed to address the challenges associated with hydrocarbon exploration in the North Sea where you have deep reservoirs in high-pressure, high-temperature conditions, and the presence of complex structural processes associated with salt movement. The image shows a map of the seismic reflection amplitudes at a key geological boundary extracted from an existing seismic data volume in the area; this highlights the salt domes formed by rock salt pushing  its way to the surface. 

The insights this data will bring will also be significant in the longer-term for the development of the CCS and hydrogen sectors in the UK as identifying areas where these gases can be securely stored offshore is critical if these industries are to fulfilfil their potential for reducing carbon emissions from industry, transport and sectors which cannot be decarbonised such as agriculture.