Why choose CGG?

Join us to deliver unrivalled geoscience insight to our clients, through the use of cutting edge geophysical and geological techniques and ongoing development of our powerful software.

Use cutting edge geophysical and geological techniques.

Within our UK teams we hire physicists, engineers, mathematicians, geoscientists, remote sensing specialists, data scientists and computer scientists to analyse and interpret complex seismic, satellite and geological data using pioneering technology.

Your personal development is important to us and at CGG, as soon as you start on your graduate role, you will embark on a pathway which will allow you to progress both your technical and professional skills.

Our culture of learning and supported or self-guided approach to career development enables the design of tailored courses to suit the specific needs of each individual. This aids personal growth in areas related to technical, commercial and personal skills, via an extensive suite of CGG developed courses, given by both external experts and our dedicated internal training team.

People come into CGG from a range of backgrounds, some with lots of geoscience experience, many none at all. Our technical training courses develop knowledge and expertise across a broad range of topics for everyone.

Conversely most people have developed many of the personal skills – customer service, teamwork, leadership – needed for the workplace through work experience, voluntary work and participation in university societies and outside interests. The courses we offer look to build on that prior experience in a coherent way to allow people to develop professionally and personally.

Your personal development is important to us.

We recognise the importance of work life balance for our employees, which is supported through our flexible working and relaxed dress code policies.

We encourage and actively support a strong sense of community, through volunteering and various company initiatives and a strong company commitment to protecting our environment through sustainable solutions, energy saving and waste reduction enterprises.

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Graduate intake: 40+
Founded in 1931, the first CGG geophysical survey took place in West Africa in 1932.
Headquartered in France, we are a global company with over 35 locations worldwide.
Among the world’s top 10 for computing power.
Over 45 years of remote sensing experience.
Member of UK STEM Ambassador programme since 2010.
Over 2,300 students have Followed us on Gradcracker.
A Gradcracker advertiser for over 5 years - ideal for you to !
Member No: 102
Worldwide leader in geophysical equipment design and manufacture since 1956.
The industry leader in seismic signal processing, model building and imaging.
A global leader in geology since 1961.
Sophie Zurquiyah is the CEO of CGG.
Our graduate geophysicist community in the UK is made up of 18 nationalities.
40% of our graduate geophysicists are from the UK, 25% from Europe, 10% the Americas and 10% China.
The most popular interests among our graduates are music, hiking/mountain sports and travelling.
A third of our graduates studied Physics & Astronomy at university.