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Unearth opportunities in geoscience

We caught up with Owen, who you’ll get to know very well if you decide to apply to CGG. Owen, himself a geophysicist, really adds a personal touch to the recruitment process, and it was great to hear his insights and advice.

You don’t need to have studied geophysics to join CGG. It’s more important that you are passionate about what you do – whether it’s your studies, your hobbies or your plans for the future. The graduates we spoke to came from a variety of disciplines – yet today, they are experts in the unique and exciting field of geoscience.  

Watch this webinar to meet the team at CGG and find out what a career in geoscience entails.

Hosted by

Carla Power
Jessica Luck

Guest speakers

Owen Pape
Recruitment Technical Advisor
Melissa Butterfield
Graduate Geophysicist
Robin Sullivan
Graduate Geophysicist
Patrick Roberts
Project Geophysicist
Mckenzie Love
Environmental Scientist
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This webinar was originally broadcast on
Thursday, 15th April 2021

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A Geophysicist's day to day

Robin and Melissa, Graduate Geophysicists at CGG, describe what their day to days look like. 

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Working in the environmental team

CGG primarily works in the energy sector but also operates in the environmental sector. 

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Discover CGG's application process

Owen, Recruitment Technical Advisor at CGG, and also a geophysicist himself, provides a detailed overview of the company's application process.

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Automated video interviews

Patrick, Project Geophysicist, describes his experiences of the automated video interview at CGG, and Melissa, Graduate Geophysicist, shares her hints and tips.

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What can you do to stand out?

Want to be CGG's ideal candidate? Here are the skills you need, but also how you must prepare.

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Life at CGG

Find out where you'll be based and what the social side of work is like at CGG.

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