Application Advice from General Dynamics UK

We assess each candidate consistently against our requirements and the core competencies. The better you can communicate your strengths, skills, knowledge and experiences throughout our recruitment process, the bigger your chances of going through to the next stages.

The application process

  • Apply online by clicking on the relevant link. Complete the online application form and upload your CV. This is your chance to tell us all about yourself, so we can make sure you’ll be successful with us. Try to include information that is relevant to the role you are applying for and that allows us to get to know you.
  • If successful, you will be invited to a selection event. The selection event may include tasks from group exercises and team building tasks, to individual presentations and face-to-face interviews.

This is your chance to tell us all about yourself.

Our top hints and tips

Be honest - we’ll verify all results and statements of achievement during the process.

Be inclusive - we’re interested in all your skills and experiences so don’t just tell us the ones you think we’re interested in, we want to know everything about you.

Be passionate - we want people who want to work for us and deliver the best equipment to the British Armed Forces.

Spelling and grammar

Please check for mistakes in spelling and grammar before you submit your application. This may be pointing out the obvious, but we often receive applications littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you’ve spent some time working on your application, take a break before proofreading, or perhaps ask a friend to read it so you get a fresh view.


The interview is a two-way process. While we want to get to know you, it’s also your opportunity to get to know us better too. Interviews work best when candidate and interviewer are equally enthusiastic about the role. So show us why you’re enthusiastic about working for us and being the brains behind the next big thing we deliver to our customer.

The interview is conducted by a senior member of staff, keen to employ and develop the right graduate. They may be Project Managers or Team Leaders who employ many students in their teams. Some may have come through the same recruitment process as you, and others will have experienced very similar processes. You can guarantee at some point they were in your shoes and know exactly how you feel.

It’s entirely normal to be nervous before an interview, but you’ll feel better by thinking about the answers you want to give to some of the key questions you’ll get asked, including:

  • Why have you chosen to apply for a role at General Dynamics UK?
  • What experiences have you had that makes this particular role right for you? [tip: think about your degree and what work experience and other experiences you’ve had]

But most importantly, be yourself at interview.