Information Security Year Placement Student

"Working at G-Research has given me a good grounding of what to expect when I move into employment afterwards."

University/Degree: Greenwich University, Computer Science and Forensics

Since starting at G-Research in July 2016 I have been entrusted with working on a variety of important projects that have had a positive impact across the organisation. Throughout my internship I have been involved in projects ranging from documenting policy and procedure to installing a biometric security system and overseeing detailed security audits. I was fortunate enough to be involved in a company-wide initiative; the security division was tasked with performing a large scale data centre move within a strict deadline. Our security-driven approach provided me with invaluable project management, logistics and inter-team work experience. My main responsibility of the move was management, this involved being out of the office for three weeks, travelling internationally and working on site which was an incredible experience. I feel this has put me in a great position for deciding what field of security I wish to explore when I write my dissertation in my final year.

Overall, I'm proud to have been able to contribute to all of the projects and initiatives put forward, furthermore I have really enjoyed working with different people from all over the business. The opportunities provided to me by G-Research have far exceeded my expectations and I believe the skills that I have learnt and developed from working here will greatly help me in my final year at university; working at G-Research has given me a good grounding of what to expect when I move into employment afterwards.

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