Alex Anthony

MChem Chemistry

"I’ve picked up multiple programming languages in my time at Alfa"

I started at Alfa after finishing my Chemistry degree - not the most obvious route into IT and finance. I was interested in doing some software development, but didn’t want to be pigeonholed as just a developer. Alfa seemed to offer the right mixture of technical work and the opportunity to develop consulting skills.

In the first weeks of core training, we learned the background to the asset finance business, and the basic technical skills to get started. After we finished training, I was assigned my first client project – in New Zealand! I spent a year living and working in Auckland, which was a great chance to both get some travelling done and experience a slightly different working culture. Although I was a long way from the main Alfa office, they made sure that I continued to develop my skills, and I was given the chance to take leadership on particular pieces of work for the client.

Since I’ve been back in London, my time has been split between being on the client’s site and at the Alfa office. On the client site, we work closely with the client staff and build good working relationships. It’s good to catch up and collaborate with other consultants from other projects when back in the Alfa office.

I’ve picked up multiple programming languages in my time at Alfa (nearly two years), and have really enjoyed the technical side of my role, which initially I wasn’t completely sure about. I also enjoy the small company atmosphere – we work together well, and also socialise together, with the Friday pub group being particularly popular.

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