"The commitment to our core values and the team motivation to solve any issues are the reasons I like to come to the office every morning."

What is your professional background?

I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and completed specialist training as an application developer. Before I joined Orbium, I had been working for more than nine years in the healthcare IT sector in a variety of roles.

Share an interesting or fun fact about you!

In high school, together with my friend and my teacher, I created a climate change simulator called ‘Energy and Climate 21’. We held a one-week workshop on a sailing ship as part of the UNESCO Baltic Sea Project, and even published an article on the project.

What do you specifically do at Orbium?

As a developer in the FinCube team, I’m responsible for the design and implementation of new features in FinCube’s core framework and making them usable by our application developers. This covers the whole software development lifecycle from planning and implementation to testing and bug-fixing, and on to release management.