Video Interviews - “Don’t fall at the first hurdle”

Added: Over a year ago by WSP

We are living in the golden age of computers and technology, and with it the rise of video interviews. Whilst these interviews may appear more informal on the face of it, don’t be mistaken by treating them any differently to a face to face interview.

In the recruitment team at WSP we want to see your professional side and understand whether or not you would make a great fit for our people. So here are my top tips to give you a unique insight into what the person on the other end of the line will be looking for:

Dress Smart

Whilst it may be alluring to embrace the smart top and onesie bottom (including fluffy slippers) dress code, you need to remember that a video interview is still an interview. Dressing in full smart attire has a “feel good” factor associated with it. This can make you feel better about yourself giving you more self-confidence and poise. So hang up those cosy favourites and opt for more traditional smart attire. A worthy choice can be a smart dress, shirt/tie trouser combination or smart top and skirt/trouser.

No Distractions

Before you click the magic button “go” think about where you are going to sit for the interview. Whether it’s taking a selfie or skype calling a friend, make sure you practice. This way you will be able to see what the interviewer will see. Hide any distractions; a good tip could be “if you wouldn’t have it displayed on your desk at work then it might not be appropriate”.

Make sure all audio and background sounds are muted as this may distract both yourself and the interviewer, and advise anyone present not to interrupt or distract you.

Test-drive technology

If you were having a face to face interview you would be prepared (I hope!) so that you would know where you are going and arriving on time. The same rules apply for the video interview, so make sure you have got your video equipment ready, and do test that it works in advance. The last thing we or you want is a technology fail at the start or during the interview process.

Have the important answers ready

Finally, ask yourself why do you really want this position and consider where you see yourself in five to ten years. We want to hear this from you. Try and think outside of the box: if your dream is to skydive off a building in ten years, tell us about it! We want you to do as well as you possibly can on the video interview so it is most important to be yourself. That is who we want to see, hear and hire.