Investing in Britain - Cities Built for the Future

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We want our cities to offer a thriving, aspirational environment with abundant employment opportunities and high quality of life. For businesses, access to labour, capital and markets are crucial. Balancing these elements is not easy. UK cities are competing for resources and opportunities. Determining future prospects depends on effective and resilient infrastructure, affordable housing, a broad skills base and a quality education system. Furthermore, a strong global brand, favourable business environment and unique ‘attraction factor’ add to the potential for long-term prosperity. For UK cities, the ability to attract this combination of social, economic and human capital sits at the root of the investability challenge.

"All cities have strengths and weaknesses, and no area is fundamentally ‘un-investable’. The important thing is to recognise which levers need to be pulled – whether that’s more affordable housing, more efficient transport or better digital connectivity – to ensure a city attracts the type of investment it needs. Every region needs to look at what it has, and how it can make the most of it." - Peter Hogg, Arcadis UK Cities Director

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