Associate Geophysicist

"I have been with ConocoPhillips for almost a year and was hired straight from university into their Graduate Programme..."

The Beginning

I have been with ConocoPhillips for almost a year and was hired straight from university into their Graduate Programme, Accelerate. I always knew I wanted to work for an oil and gas operator but I was never sure whether to become a geologist or a geophysicist. During the graduate recruitment campaigns, it was obvious that most companies were looking to employ geologists or geophysicists, except for one – ConocoPhillips. That stood out for me. What they were looking for was a graduate with a passion for and experience in both subjects, because they like to have an integrated workforce. This was exactly what I was looking for - a company who would give me a platform to develop my skills via a solid graduate training programme.

My Work with ConocoPhillips

Since joining the company, I have been working in the Partner Operated Assets Team, where I have been the support Geophysicist for the Britannia satellite fields. I was given a big responsibility as soon as I joined the team, which has allowed me to broaden my skillset and step outside my comfort zone. The team have been very supportive and are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with me. There has been a lot of activity within the team during the last few months, where we have been planning and drilling two wells. This has been a great opportunity to be actively involved and see the ups and downs of our daily operations.

The Social Side

Earlier this year, I joined the Young Professionals’ committee as an event organiser where I am responsible for arranging numerous social events throughout the year for employees with less than five years’ experience in the industry. The events allow you to network with other young professionals who you might not necessarily meet in the office environment. I am also responsible for organising the geophysics forums we have in the office every second month. The forums are a chance for people to present their project work and areas of interest to their peers. Outside of work, I am part of the ConocoPhillips tennis club and help out with some of the outreach schools programmes, such as Engineer ‘n Our Lives and STEM in the Pipeline.

The Future

In the next 3-5 years, I would like to be given the chance to work in a different business unit like Norway or the Houston office. I feel this would help broaden my skills, allow me to build up a network with other professionals and it would help me appreciate the company as a whole. I would like to progress up the career ladder in a technical role, but could one day see myself interested in management. I know that whatever I decide to pursue, ConocoPhillips will be there to encourage and support me throughout it.

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