Priority Subjects


A subject often perceived as challenging, your training will show you how to break down barriers to learning and make maths enjoyable for all students.


Find out how teacher training will help you engage with students across a number of scientific concepts and bring your subject to life in the lab.


Your training will show you how to make chemistry accessible and fun – from demonstrating chemical reactions to honing pupils’ analytical skills.


Discover how to teach the new curriculum and learn the software that will help your students create their own inventive solutions.



Good maths teachers are always in demand. You could get £30,000 to teach maths. By training to teach maths, you’ll be embarking on a career that offers more than just exceptional job satisfaction. You’ll also get to help young people conquer a skill integral to their long-term success.


Now is a great time to train to teach physics. It’s becoming increasingly popular with students and as one of the core subjects of the curriculum schools need talented physics teachers, so you’ll be in demand. A career as a physics teacher is hugely fulfilling. By sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject, you’ll show young people how physics is central to everyday life and needn’t be hard to learn.


Teaching chemistry requires great talent. As a core subject, schools require high-quality chemistry teachers. So there’s never been a better time to use your skills and knowledge in chemistry to inspire young minds. The popularity of this subject is firmly established:

  • More students are seeing the real value of taking chemistry, which is why GCSE uptake has risen this year
  • It’s become increasingly popular with A level students too – with the proportion of pupils opting to study chemistry rising year-on-year


Now is a great time to become a computing teacher. With more children in schools learning about programming and information technology, the subject is playing a more important role than ever before. As a computing teacher, you’ll:

  • Be in demand; with record numbers of students opting to take computing at GCSE level
  • Help young people develop skills to succeed and excel in thriving creative industries
  • Contribute to a subject of growing importance to industry and society

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