Reece Barr

Graduate Instrument Engineer

"As long as a candidate is proactive, driven and determined, Perenco certainly offers the chance to excel in an exciting and dynamic industry."

Graduate Programme: 2017 - Present at SNS Perenco Assets / Bacton Gas Terminal

On completion of my GCSEs I decided to go to Sixth Form College and begin my A Levels, something which seemed the right thing to do at the time, as everyone else was doing the same thing. It was here I realised that this wasn’t for me. I decided to change my path slightly and searched for an engineering apprenticeship instead. I enrolled at Tyne Metropolitan College in Newcastle, where I spent a year completing a more hands on approach. I had modules which included Fabrication & Welding, Machining/Lathing, Fitting and Electrical Circuit Wiring. From here I joined an EPC service company for the oil and gas industry where I completed my ONC in Mechanical Engineering and my HNC in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

This completely opened my eyes to the industry and also Perenco. Whilst working on a project here, I found out that the platform involved was a Perenco-operated North Sea asset. This piqued my interest in the potential career paths in the industry and I enrolled onto an Instrumentation & Control BEng at the University of Teesside. This was only with a view to return to the oil and gas industry on completion, as I now knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. The degree gave me a great theoretical foundation to combine with the previous industry experience. In my final year, I narrowed my graduate job search down to the oil and gas sector. When the Perenco graduate opportunity came along, I jumped at the chance to apply. I knew this was a big opportunity to work for an operator, with interests globally, and huge scope for career development.

After 6 months with Perenco, it has been exactly what I expected and a lot more. Although I was previously in the industry, I had not been onsite, at a gas terminal, or offshore. This has all changed since starting with Perenco, I have gained extensive exposure at Bacton Gas Terminal and have worked on five offshore assets across the Southern North Sea. This has increased my knowledge and confidence immensely, and my enthusiasm is greater than ever to continue to learn and increase my skillset. Whilst here, I have been surrounded by other engineers who have a lot of experience and expertise to learn from and their guidance has been key throughout. Moreover, Perenco has an innovative approach to working in the oil and gas sector. This is of great benefit to a young engineer. Not only can you observe the industry standards and how it all works, but also unique and creative methods to get the most out of aging assets across the North Sea.

In the future, my scheme will take me to either Wytch Farm, or up north to Dimlington Gas Terminal. Both would be valuable experience for myself and I would welcome either placement. While doing this, I also plan to gain my IEng with the IET, with a view further ahead of gaining CEng status. The skills and understanding gained so far and in the future will be paramount to achieving this, and Perenco will certainly support these aspirations.

In my opinion, this is a huge opportunity for a graduate engineer, but must be approached with the right attitude in order to get the most out of the scheme. As long as a candidate is proactive, driven and determined, Perenco certainly offers the chance to excel in an exciting and dynamic industry.

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