Max Molton

Automation Testing

"The people that work here are the best thing about it, they’re all super friendly and most of the time happy to help."

Studied Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University.

Get in, check emails as a lot of colleagues are based in North America therefore we have different working hours. Sort out problems related to these issues.  At the start of each sprint I will scour latest releases to find what we need to test within each release and perform these tests.

This usually takes a couple of days to complete. If any tests fail I collate data and try to solve the issue and if I can’t it gets sent back to the team it was pushed from. I try to automate the different tests involved as well. We are currently working at around 75% automated which makes my life easier and reduces my errors. I also provide support throughout the day to other teams to help solve issues, which takes up 15% of my days.

Hobbies & Interests

I love being outdoors, I’m a keen skier and rock climber who enjoys being in the mountains and at the coast surfing.

Why did you choose DXC?

I chose DXC because I was interested in getting into IT and they offered me a job.

Describe your onboarding experience

The onboarding process is a good challenge and it is being revamped for new graduates. Once you are onboarded you're put through a digital immersion program which is good.

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