Senior Exploratory Tester

"Despite the work being serious, people at Trayport are always able to lighten the mood and have fun at the same time."

What do you do at Trayport?

I joined Trayport as a software tester, but my role has somewhat evolved in the past 4 years. My current role involves ensuring the quality of the products from inception to delivery. It builds on the understanding of what the business wants and how that interacts with the design and current capabilities of the product.

What attracted you to Trayport?

From this, I design test scenarios which cover a full range of requirements from functionality and performance to the deployment of the product. I was made to feel welcome at my job interview. The process was geared towards discovering my potential, interests and compatibility within the team, which was refreshing and enjoyable. During the interview, when the interviewers talked about the many Trayport socials that would happen throughout the year, I could see what fond memories they had of the various events. I realised this was the kind of place I wanted to work.

What do you most love about Trayport?

There are lots of little things I really love about Trayport. The free breakfast in the morning, the rush for biscuits in the afternoon but, most of all, the people. The people make Trayport what it is today. Despite the work being serious, people at Trayport are always able to lighten the mood and have fun at the same time. Everyone’s always willing to give a helping hand and I’ve met some of my closest friends here.

Tell us about the Trayport culture

We work hard and play hard! We pull out all the stops to meet a tight deadline and aspire to achieve a common goal as a team. We often even get doughnuts delivered to us to help us keep going! On the other hand, there are many social events that bring the people together. Fish Friday, Games Night and sometimes a trip to the local bar on Friday night transpires. This brings us closer together as a team and as a result improves the way we work with each other.

What do you need to be successful at Trayport?

Passion. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. I find that the best work happens not because you have to do it, but because you want to. You want to see your product thrive, you care about how your work will affect others and you care about the company.

What are the biggest challenges about working in Trayport and within your role?

Within Trayport there are multiple systems with numerous configurations and it is very important to understand what configurations are used, why they are set up this way and how new features could interface with them. At first, the complexity of the various systems may seem daunting, but there is always someone happy to lend you a helping hand. Although I have specialised in certain areas, I am still constantly learning something new every day.

How have you developed both professionally and personally while at Trayport?

Throughout the course of my career at Trayport, I have taken on more and more responsibilities, which allowed me to flourish in confidence. When I see something that needs to be done, I would gladly step up and take charge. I have also learnt the art of organisation which I definitely did not have before joining the company!

What do you like to do when you’re not at Trayport?

Since I joined Trayport, I’ve started watching a lot of animes and reading a lot of mangas (I blame my colleagues!). As well as this, I love to play computer games, in particular, first person shooters. I also like to spend time developing my digital art and drawing cool things like dragons.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I like to cosplay! My favourite costume is a little ninja girl called Akatsuki, which I made.

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