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At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. It is this focus which informs the services we provide and the decisions we make.

Demonstrating genuine leadership is more important to us than size or short term revenue growth. To achieve our aim to be recognised as the ‘the leading professional services firm’ we must be innovative, responsible and attract outstanding people.

Our strategy is therefore built around five priorities:

1. Be technology enabled
2. Deliver exceptional value to our clients
3. Empower our people
4. Lead by example
5. Invest in sustainable growth.

Your career is just that; yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities. That’s why opportunities are at the heart of a career with us.

Opportunities to grow as an individual, to build lasting relationships and make an impact in a place where people, quality and value mean everything.

We have opportunities in...


As an actuary, you’ll work with uncertainty. We're the UK's largest Actuarial practice, with jobs in six locations across the country.


We focus on providing our trainees with high-quality legal training and daily exposure to broader business skills.


A key part of our purpose is to build trust in society. We provide decision-makers with information they can depend on and give investors confidence.


Your knowledge will help high-profile organisations, entrepreneurs and family businesses understand complex rules and make informed decisions with significant impacts.


We’re the UK’s Graduate Employer of Choice for Consulting according to The Times.


You hear it called the digital revolution – the transformation of how we work and live, which is one of the great megatrends.


We help our clients with major mergers and acquisitions and resolve business crises.

Teach First

We're proud to have been a Teach First platinum partner since 2009.

A Gradcracker advertiser for at least five years - ideal for your shortlist!

We work in the following sectors

  • Consultancy
  • Cybersecurity
  • FinTech

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Employee Profiles

Abu - Associate, Assurance

"I chose to start my career with PwC as I wanted to work with like-minded people."

Abigail - Cyber Security

"Technology requires us to develop new ways of thinking."
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PwC is one of the world's pre-eminent professional services organisations.
A part of our focus on global gender diversity is learning from and partnering with outside organisations.
75% of firms now use a form of online staffing.
We have a 150-year history.
We employ over 21,000 people.
We have 926 partners across 64 offices in the UK, Channel Islands and Middle East.
A Gradcracker advertiser for over 5 years - ideal for you to !
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