A Strategic Overview of Sustainability at INEOS

Our environment is constantly changing. Global population is rising at an unprecedented rate.

There is growing pressure on resources. Rising energy prices and climate change have created a need for new lower carbon energy sources. All of this is driving the transition towards a resource and energy efficient society, and the chemical industry has a central role to play in enabling this shift.

Chemicals are the building blocks for our modern world. They are essential components in many of the products we use today and in the technologies that drive us towards a more sustainable future. Sustainability and petrochemical industry are not antagonistic, on the contrary. At INEOS, sustainability is fundamental to how we do business. It is a key driver of innovation.

At the heart of the INEOS approach is our commitment to the principles of responsible care. These are central to the INEOS way of working and are put into practice every day across our businesses.

Our work towards improving our sustainability can be considered across five main key areas; products that make a difference, manufacturing the future, excellence in safety, health and environment, building the best workforce and strong partnership.

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Our Approach to Sustainable Innovation

Our approach to doing business drives efficiency, performance and sustainability across the Group. It helps us to stay reliable and competitive. It creates new opportunities to reduce energy and waste and encourages us to join forces and seek symbiosis. As a global chemicals business, we have an important role to play in addressing the challenges that industry is facing. Through our different policies, the quality, environmental and energy management systems and audits that are part of our approach to doing business we seek to excel at what we do and take the greatest of care how we do it.

Our quality, environmental and energy management systems conform to ISO International Standards, which guarantee the safe, reliable and efficient aspect of our activities around the world and ensure continual improvement to further enhance our performance.

As an active member and partner of industry councils and associations such as Cefic, SusChem and SPIRE, INEOS contributes to the many ambitious targets set out for our industry in terms of energy efficiency, safety, emission reductions, innovation.

We understood the concept of sustainability in its wider sense comprising all three dimensions, economic, environmental and social. We believe that it is our role to operate and keep our businesses growing within the scope of these three factors.

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