Helen Yard

MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Sciences

"The IPO offers a friendly and relaxed environment, making it enjoyable to work here."

University attended: University of Southampton

Degrees obtained: MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Sciences

After a short spell working for a pharmaceutical company after graduation, I decided that a lab-based career wasn’t for me. Upon joining the office in 2012 I was given a four week intensive training course where I was taught the fundamental aspects of the job. I then went straight into working on a range of live chemical and medical based applications, directly applying the knowledge from my degree as well as my newly acquired legal skills.

To begin with my work was closely supervised by a revising officer, and I found that I was given a lot of guidance and support on all aspects of work. I have now become more experienced and independently proficient, which has led to me gaining promotion after 2 years in the office.

Whilst I enjoy seeing the latest advances in technology and some of the more unusual inventions, I like that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in other projects around the office. Currently I am involved in the recruitment team which provides variety to my day-to-day work and means I get to attend careers fairs and visit universities.

The IPO offers a friendly and relaxed environment, making it enjoyable to work here. There is a flexible working scheme with no core hours which makes it easy to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and there is also the opportunity to work from home once you are able to work independently enough.