Undergraduate degree: Environmental Geoscience

"I love the community feeling that is provided by being part of the IOP"

Undergraduate degree: Environmental Geoscience
Teaching qualification:
Physics with Science PGCE

"I studied Environmental Geoscience at university and prior to that I studied physics A Level, which I found very interesting.

I've decided to become a physics teacher because I want to utilise my degree and inspire other people to study science at a higher level. I am very passionate about encouraging girls into physics, especially as when I studied it at A Level I was the only girl in all three physics classes, and I'm shocked to hear this is not changing fast enough. I am keen to get into a science department and try and make a difference to the physics teaching going on.

As my degree was not pure physics I have undertaken a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course. I also have an IOP physics mentor to support me in any moment of crisis, which is a huge benefit! I love the community feeling that is provided by being part of the IOP; you really feel like you will never be alone in teaching physics."

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