Sheetal Bhosale

Process Control Trainee

"The rotational nature of the graduate programme provides an opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in different areas."

Joined: August 2008

University attended: University of Strathclyde

Degree Course(s): BEng in Instrumentation and Control MSc Communications, Control and DS

Current Location: Llanwern

Why did you choose to work for Tata Steel?

The rotational nature of the graduate programme provides an opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in different areas.  This enables you to find out what type of work you enjoy most which is very important at the start of your career. Having this opportunity was an important consideration for me when applying for graduate roles.

Do you have any hints/tips/advice you would give to someone applying to Tata Steel?

Be ready to ask lots of questions during your assessment centre, but make sure these are based on research.  Find out all that you can about the company before you go along and if there are some projects you see they have recently secured, and these are areas of interest to you, get some questions ready to ask. Also, learn to say “I don’t know” if you really don’t.  The assessment elements are not there to trip you up, any question you do not know the answer to is an opportunity to gain more knowledge.  

Tell us something about your work location?

If you will be working in Port Talbot or Llanwern, Cardiff is a great place to live.  It has lots of restaurants, many good shops, a cinema and excellent nightlife. I also really enjoy mountaineering, which South Wales provides plenty of great terrain for. The South Wales area has a great mix of hills and beaches including Porthcawl and The Gower.

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